Fully integrated within the value chain
From the tree to destination markets

At Pecanes del Sur we grow, process and market pecans

Fresh Pecan Year-Round

We supply fresh pecan nuts year-round from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

We Integrate Local Growers Into Our Value Chain
Bridging Local Growers to International Markets

We provide to our associated growers simple, fair and transparent trade options.

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Full Integration
From production to

Pecanes del Sur is a company dedicated to the production,
pecan nut processing and marketing.

Fresh and Quality Nuts
All year.

We supply fresh walnuts all year round from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

We integrate producers to
our value chain

Pecanes del Sur assists and integrates small and medium producers into its value chain.
Are you a producer and interested in joining Pecanes del Sur?

We connect producers
premises with consumers

We provide our producers with marketing options
of its production simple, transparent and fair.

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About Us

We are producers and marketers of Pecan Nuts. We are oriented towards a model of integration of small and medium producers into our productive value chain, which ensures scale and flexibility in processing through strategic alliances with first-line processing plants.

We integrate all the actors in the value chain under a single management model.



In-Shell Pecan Nut

Shelled Pecan Nut

Our Differential


We produce and generate traceability from the tree to the dispatch of the finished product.

Vertical integration

Pecanes del Sur is 100% integrated into the pecan value chain. From primary production to dispatch of the finished product to external/internal markets.

Focused on External Markets.

More than 95% of our sales are fulfilled to foreign markets.


We produce and market varieties with a high percentage of yield and excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Growers Development Program

We integrate small and medium producers into our value chain and provide them with different levels of services from production to marketing.

Fresh Pecan Nut Year Round

We provide our clients with fresh pecan nuts all year round, we sell products from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

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Integrated Producers

Integrated hectares

Traded Volume

Contact Us

Av. Regimiento de Patricios 1052, Of. 347, C.A.B.A, Argentina

+54 911 3422 7123

    Av. Regimiento de Patricios 1052, Of. 347, C.A.B.A, Argentina

    +54 911 3422 7123 

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