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Professional Management and Farming Operations

Learn more about how we can help you improve your orchard´s outcome.

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We Keep Trace Of Our Farming And Post Harvest Activities

So our customers are able to follow up the efficiency of each of the resources employed as well as our procurement performance, both in our own or leased farms and the contracted operations.

Harvest and Pre Cleaning Services

Mechanical harvest and pre-cleaning field services together with integrated post harvest services up to packing and shipping

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Our Services

Own or Leased Orchards Operation

We are growers of  Pecans,  located in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina.
We have mounts implanted with varietals of certified genetics of more than 15 years of average age.

Third Parties Contracted Farming & Procurement Services

We provide growers of different scales with the technical advice and professional operation services of their orchards. Together we design the level of service according to their needs.

Post-harvest Processing and Shipping Services

In our plant of Concordia, Entre Rios, we provide our customers with drying, cleaning, size sorting, packing and shipping services prior to the export consolidation.

In Shell Pecans Purchase

We shell and market pecan kernels in halves and in pieces of different granulometry as well as flavored with chocolate.

Export Services

We provide the service of export of pecan nut on account and order of the producer, to destinations such as the United States, Hong Kong, Brazil, Vietnam and to countries of the European Community.


About Us

Argentine pecan market is growing fast. However, the average scale of pecan orchards in the growing areas of Argentina is still small. Our mission in Pecanes del Sur is to provide our customers with the economies of scale they do not have. By operating 18 orchards as a whole we perform farming, harvest, processing and shipping activities as a bigger player, making efficient and cost competitive what otherwise would never be.

We started by operating our first own orchard in Gualeguaychú, Entre Rios where we learned that, somehow, we needed to achieve a larger scale, more efficient and integrated operation in order to become competitive. Eventually, we achieved our goal.

Since then, and mainly from our recently started joint operation with Delta Berries S.A., we work hard to consolidate our business model: an absolute vertical integration in the value chain of the activity, from primary production to the commercialization of a range of products with added value.

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2018 Key Indicators

Operated Hectares
Tns Cropped
Tns Processed
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Proudly Members Of:

Cluster de la Nuez Pecan
International Nut and Dried Fruit Council
Camara Argentina de Productores de Pecan